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Getting Started with TribuCast™ is Easy


Register your Funeral Home HERE (its free). You will be directed to your TribuCast dashboard.

Create New TribuCast

Click on Set Up New TribuCast. Enter your service details and click ‘Confirm’.

Pay Per Use

Purchase your new TribuCast via PayPal. You only pay for TribuCast when you need it.


TribuCast’s patent-pending system easily enables limitless personalization.

Setup Phone or Tablet

TribuCast utilizes your phone or tablet so quality and flexibility are high and costs are low. Set up is easy, Click Here for instructions. 

Test and Distribute

Use these 3 Steps To Success and share your private TribuCast link with family and friends.

ON THE WEB (preferably using a Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser)

  1. Register your Funeral Home HERE (its free)
    • Fill in the form – using the funeral home’s email address and create a password
    • Enter the contact cell phone number – this is the number we will use to contact you if we note any audio or video quality issues with your TribuCast™
    • Enter the funeral home’s business name, zip code and logo; use the “Choose File” button to upload the funeral home’s logo from your computer
    • Copy and paste the funeral home’s website URL into the “Business link” box
    • Agree to the terms and conditions and click “Save”
    • On subsequent visits you’ll simply “Sign in”
  2. Click on Set Up New TribuCast
  3. Purchase New TribuCast via PayPal
  4. Personalize your TribuCast
  5. Setup your iPhone or iPad
  6. Follow these quick 3 Steps To Success

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