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3 Quick Steps for Success

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Tribucasting is easy, reliable and rewarding as long as you follow these three simple steps:

1. Know your TribuCast™ location:

  1. Make sure you have at least 3 bars of Wi-Fi or cellular network signal and 3MB+ upload speed available on the iPhone or iPad you are tribucasting with at your TribuCast location. You can check your upload speed at www.speedtest.net
  2. Pick a location to tribucast from that optimizes your signal strength, site lines and sound quality.

2.  Personalize your TribuCast

  1. Ask the family about the essence of the individual who died.
    • What made this human being so special and loved?
    • What did this person love to do most in the world?
    • What will they miss the most about this individual?
    • What would the deceased want to be remembered for most?
  2. Use what you learn to include relevant images and links in your TribuCast Context Portals™. This will bring the power of TribuCast, greater context, to the remote attendee. Items to consider including:
    • Service program and prayer cards
    • Eulogies, tributes, readings and fond memories
    • Photos and videos
    • Information about hobbies, careers, passions, accomplishments and causes

3. Test your settings and your network:

  1. Pick the strongest Wi-Fi or cellular signal on your iPhone/iPad and turn off the antenna you won’t be using.
  2. Set your iPhone/iPad to Do Not Disturb, close all other applications and clear your cache.
  3. Enter the stream security code into Live:Air Solo on your iPhone/iPad and run a test.
    • Make sure the volume is turned down on your iPhone or iPad and the mic volume is turned up on Live:Air Solo and not muted.


TribuCast Advisors and Coordinators are available to help ensure your success. Please revisit the tutorials at www.tribucast.com/memorials or call (800) 782-0104 if you have questions or need assistance.



TribuCast fails to go live
  1. If this is the first time using TribuCast confirm the rtmp URL is entered into Live:Air Solo accurately on your iPhone/iPad. Accuracy is required.


  1. Confirm the stream security code is entered accurately (NOTE: zeros and capital O’s look very similar as do the number one, capital I’s and lower case L’s). Accuracy is required.
  1. Confirm you have sufficient network availability. TribuCast requires three bars of signal and 3Mb upload speeds to perform reliably (two bars and 2.5Mb may work but may experience issues).
TribuCast goes live but stops prematurely
  1. Reconfirm sufficient network availability. Wi-Fi and cellular networks can become overloaded by guests and other traffic.
  1. Confirm there are no other applications running on the iPhone or iPad.
TribuCast works but there is no sound or the volume is too low
  1. Make sure the mute button is off and the mic volume is turned up in Live:Air Solo. NOTE: The volume on the iPhone/iPad must be turned down to avoid feedback (high pitched tone).
  1. Make sure the volume is turned up on the remote attendee’s speakers and also within their TribuCast live viewing window.
The remote attendee can see the TribuCast page but the center image space where the live portion appears is blank Confirm the attendee has the proper date and time and funeral home is currently tribucasting.
The remote attendee can see the TribuCast page but the center image is black and/or there is a circular image rotating in the middle of it The remote attendee most likely does not have enough internet connection available to view the TribuCast from their current network location. Suggest they change network or location.
For any other questions or issues Please call (800) 782-0104.  We are here to help ensure your success!
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