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It's Important to use TribuCast™

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9 out of 10 services held today have loved ones who are unable to attend

When a life ends, friends and loved ones need a way to cope, to grieve, to pay their respects and to begin healing.

For centuries, funerals and memorial services have served this purpose. Too often, however, many of today’s mourners find themselves unable to participate, whether due to distance, illness, or family and work commitments.

Family Testimonials

“TribuCast enabled us to include my aunt in Florida, who was physically unable to travel to my mom’s funeral in Virginia. You have no idea how much this meant to our family. And the information we were able to share with our remote guests in addition to the service really made everyone feel included. Thank you. The value of my mom’s TribuCast to our family was priceless.”

Jeff J

Fredericksburg, VA

“When my sister died unexpectedly, we had a lot of people who couldn’t get to her funeral in person. Thanks to the TribuCast Remote Attendance System we had friends and family from across the US and overseas who were able to attend remotely. We are very grateful to have been told about TribuCast and now we also have an enduring tribute to my sister’s life that we can all cherish in the future.”

Geralda A

Mount Laurel, NJ

“What a wonderful gift TribuCast has given our family and friends by enabling them to participate in my husband’s “Celebration of Life” service! So many of our friends who could not come to the service have commented on how much they appreciated being able to view not only the service but also the “reflections” submitted by so many. Thank you so very much for what you have given us. It will never be forgotten”

Lila G

“When a resident of our retirement home passes away the other residents often feel like they’ve lost a family member and they are painfully affronted by their own age-related limitations when they can’t get to the service to mourn their friend. TribuCast has been a God-send in enabling our residents to remotely attend funeral and memorial services, remember the many good times, say good-bye with dignity, and begin to heal. We can’t thank you enough or imagine another service without using TribuCast.”

Susan W

Whitinsville, MA

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