When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968, our nation was in desperate need of a way to cope, grieve and heal from the loss. 150,000 people began this process by attending Dr. King’s memorial service in Atlanta. 120 million more sought the same solace by watching it on television.

By viewing Dr. King’s televised memorial, mourners across the nation witnessed the devastation of his widow and family as they entered Ebeneezer Baptist Church. From thousands of miles away, these mourners listened as the church bells rang out and the organ played. When the service ended, those who were watching from home must have felt like they were walking alongside the funeral procession. Some may even have raised their voices in solidarity as the crowd began to sing, “We Shall Overcome.” 

Today, TribuCast™ has made it possible for all of the losses in our lives to be mourned in a way that once was reserved only for significant public figures and heroes, such as Dr. King:

  • Through a TribuCast, loved ones who can’t be there in person can participate in a funeral or memorial service by watching it live, even if they live halfway around the world or lie sick in bed.
  • Through a TribuCast, far off family members and friends can move from coping with their grief individually to sharing in collective, communal mourning, which is critical to the healing process.
  • Through a TribuCast, mourners can learn more about the deceased – by engaging with unique content created by family and friends, such as pictures, family history, poems, paintings and prayers.

In short, TribuCast provides a way for everybody – even those who can’t attend in person – to take comfort in the fact that they are not alone in their sadness, but instead are part of a greater community of loss.   

It’s been more than fifty years since the passing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and in many ways the country is still healing from his death. Of the many lessons he taught, however, his last one may have been this: Funerals, while not a panacea for suffering, play a critical role in mending the hearts of individuals and communities – and in his case, even nations. 

In our increasingly mobile and global world, TribuCast offers a way for those who remain behind to mend and to heal in the face of great loss. Learn more about what TribuCast can do at www.TribuCast.com

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