Funeral Directors need many skills – legal, logistical, financial, and spiritual – to help families navigate the death of a loved one. One of the most important skills funeral directors have is the ability to talk to families during some of their darkest hours about what they want and need when death occurs, and to offer options for coping, managing grief and making their loved one’s service or memorial as meaningful as possible.

Increasingly, funeral directors are offering TribuCast®, a remote attendance system that uses livestreaming technology, to bring the service of a loved one to people who can’t be there in person.  More than 90% of funerals taking place today involve people who want to participate, but simply can’t.  TribuCast®’s patent-pending system helps families to bridge that gap.

How should Funeral Directors begin a conversation about TribuCast®?  As is so often the case, it’s best to begin with a few simple questions:

  • Can you think of family and loved ones who would want to attend the service but will have difficulty doing so?
  • Did the deceased have friends who retired elsewhere or who live in his or her community or assisted living facility and who are unable to travel but would like to participate? 
  • Did the deceased have any friends or loved ones
    • Who are homebound?
    • Who live outside the country or travel extensively for work?
    • Who have work that is difficult to get away from (police, fireman, nurse)? 
    • Who have very small children?
    • Who are active duty military?
  • Knowing they are grieving as well, would you be interested in including them so they can participate remotely?

If funeral directors don’t ask about who would want to or need to and who can or can’t attend the service, they miss a tremendous opportunity to share their valuable bereavement skills, and families will think they don’t have a choice, when in fact they do.  In many situations, using TribuCast® will have a huge impact.

Trust us when we say that the need is there.  Most TribuCast®s end up helping 60-90 remote attendees. These funeral webcasts benefit the remote attendees, who get to show their respect for the deceased and process their grief, just as they would have done if they had attended the service in person. TribuCast® also benefits surviving family members and loved ones, who are usually touched – and often pleasantly surprised – at how many more people wanted to be there to honor the deceased and to say a last goodbye.

Nobody knows better than funeral directors how important the funeral ritual can be – for grieving, for remembrance and for closure. Learn more about how TribuCast® can enable more loved ones, regardless of place or time, to participate in a funeral or memorial service.  When holding a funeral or memorial service is important, it is important to use TribuCast®.  Contact us at (800) 782-0104 or

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