Jan 28, 2019

By TribuCast®
By TribuCast®

Ninety Percent of Services Held Today Have Close Family and Friends Unable to Attend

Wilton, CT – January 28, 2019 – TribuCast®, which made its debut at last year’s National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) meeting in Utah, today announced the national rollout of its remote attendance solution. This simple, pay-per-use system addresses the growing need for funeral directors to be able to offer their clients a way to include friends and loved ones who are unable to attend a funeral or memorial service in person. The national rollout is being supported by the launch of a newly designed website,, ensuring ease of access to TribuCast®’s services.

“In this era of increased geographic and professional mobility, a new question has begun to crop up: ‘Why even hold a funeral or service at all?’” said Bruce Likly, president and co-founder, TribuCast®. “This question reflects the reality that Americans now move and change jobs more than ever before – on average 11 times across a lifetime. Families and loved ones are often separated by greater distances, making it more difficult and expensive to get to a funeral. Not surprisingly, according to the NFDA, the number of people attending funerals is in decline, as well as the number of funerals being held.”

TribuCast® provides a safe, secure and dignified way to attend a funeral or memorial service remotely. A TribuCast®, which can be viewed live or at a later date, enables friends and loved ones to attend the event almost as if they were really there – to hear the melody of the processional music, cry through the eulogy, and walk spiritually alongside the deceased’s loved ones, even from a thousand miles away. A virtual Guest Book is also available for those attending remotely to offer their thoughts, memories, and condolences.

A TribuCast® offers unique benefits as well. Highly personalized content can surround the live streaming portion of a TribuCast® enabling families to add photos, poems, prayers, memorabilia and more – all of which support and enhance the remote attendee’s experience. As a result, the average TribuCast® can double funeral attendance, adding between 60-90 remote attendees to most services.

Likly added, “The funeral business is changing and smart funeral directors are
recognizing the need to change with it and offer solutions, like TribuCast®, to their clients to address the unmet needs of friends and loved ones who want to be present for a funeral or memorial service, even when they can’t be there in person.”


About TribuCast®

TribuCast®, a division of LIVECLOUDTV™, delivers an easy-to-use, patent-pending,
state-of-the-art remote attendance solution to bring the full impact of a funeral home’s
bereavement services to those who can’t be there in person. TribuCast® is accessed through a personal website where a funeral or memorial service can be viewed in real time, or at a later date, along with highly personalized content that puts the life that was lost into greater context. TribuCast® helps reduce a family’s heartache and stress by enabling family and friends to honor, celebrate and grieve for their loved one, regardless of their location or life circumstances.
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