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Memorial Live Streaming Services

Funerals and memorials are important – a time for people to gather as a family, as a community, to witness grief together. They offer an opportunity to provide closure and begin the healing process. However, due to various unavoidable circumstances, some family and loved ones may be unable to attend a funeral service in person. How can we make sure that they are not left out, and also get to participate in the healing process in real-time? Is there a way they can attend remotely from any location on the globe, and also get to offer their last respects?


Memorial Live Streaming

The TribuCast® Remote Attendance System™ has the solution for you. Designed to privately live stream a funeral service in real-time on a computer, phone, or tablet, TribuCast® lets those who cannot be there in person attend the funeral service remotely.

TribuCast® memorial live streaming service makes it easy for friends, family members, and acquaintances to access the funeral live stream from anywhere in the world through a private link, with an online environment that closely matches the in-person experience for those attending remotely.

Remote Attendance

When a death occurs, people mobilize and they are motivated to band together to support one another. This is when funerals have the greatest impact and the greatest benefit, but this time period is fleeting. It can vary, but generally lasts about a week or two. After that, if closure hasn’t happened and healing hasn’t begun, unresolved grief begins to set in.

TribuCast® has helped thousands of families across the globe maintain their traditions through memorial live streaming with an online environment that reflects the in-person experience. Remote attendees can access the funeral program, eulogies, family photos, and condolences and have an opportunity to grieve collectively. There is no limit on how many viewers attend remotely, and distance is not a limiting factor.

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