Funeral services are an opportunity for families and friends to come together and celebrate the life of a loved one. But when almost 90% of funeral services have loved ones who can’t attend, remote attendance systems become an important tool for accessibility. Here, we’ll help you explore a few of the benefits of talking to your funeral director about adding this service.


Above all else, a funeral is a private, reverent affair. Your livestreaming services should reflect and respect that. A funeral webcasting service can give you the privacy you and your loved ones need during memorial and funeral services. This event won’t be open to the public but will be a safe space where family members and cherished friends who can’t physically attend services can still take part in them. With a private link to your loved one’s service, you can choose to share with as many or as few people as you would like.


One of the most important parts of celebrating the life of a loved one is sharing memories of them with those at their funeral. These memories might take the shape of photographs, video montages, or literature they held dear. With a remote attendance system, you can make sure that everyone in attendance, physically or otherwise, will have access to those precious memories of your loved one.


Sometimes the best way to honor someone after they’ve passed away is to visit their favorite places. If you’ve chosen to hold funeral services somewhere other than a funeral home, livestreaming can still help you make sure all of your closest family and friends are present. Some webcasting technology has the advantage of being highly portable, which means you can celebrate the life of your loved one with the people who mean the most to you, no matter where the services are being held.


The purpose of a funeral or memorial service is to honor and celebrate the life of someone you loved very much. And when you’re honoring the life of a loved one, including the people they loved is of the utmost importance. Webcasting a live funeral offers a purposeful experience for the loved ones who might not be able to physically attend. More than streaming a funeral service, a remote attendance system allows for a meaningful celebration no matter where your loved ones are in the world.

Creating a Meaningful Experience for Loved Ones

At TribuCast®, we understand that webcasting a funeral might not seem like an ideal way to honor someone you’ve lost. That’s where a remote attendance system comes into play. Going beyond streaming services to offer a private, personalized, portable, and purposeful experience for you and your family is what we strive for. 

If you feel that livestreaming services would be a meaningful addition to your loved one’s memorial, don’t hesitate to ask your funeral director about the options available to you.


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