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Cómo empezar

To get started, you need to create an account with TribuCast®. Haga clic aquí to begin the free registration process. TribuCast® utilizes a funeral home’s iPhone or iPad and does not require any significant equipment purchases. Haga clic aquí for a list of suggested equipment (some of which you probably already own). If your home already has a fixed camera system you would like to convert to TribuCast® (or you are considering the purchase of a new fixed camera system) haga clic aquí para que puedas ponerte en marcha de forma fácil y económica.

Purchase Your TribuCast®

TribuCast® is a pay-per-use system with no registration fees, no monthly fees and no annual fees. Once you have created your account, simply click on “Set up New TribuCast®” on your dashboard.

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Personalize Your TribuCast®

To create a meaningful remote viewing experience, you can work with families to easily personalize a TribuCast® with information such as service details & program, photos, obituary, interests and hobbies, and donation opportunities.

Haga clic aquí to see a short video on how easy it is to personalize a TribuCast®.

Consiga el conjunto de su dispositivo móvil para Ir en vivo...

The TribuCast® System is completely portable and can be used anywhere there is sufficient cellular or Wi-Fi service available. We show you how to download and establecer un software libre on your mobile device and connect it to the TribuCast® system and we show you how to check the network speeds at your service locations in advance. A minimum 3Mbps upload speed is required; 8Mbps or higher is preferred for best results.

NOTA: Si tiene un sistema de "cámara fija" existente, haga clic aquí. We can easily convert those to work with TribuCast® as well.

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Compartir Enlace Privado

Once you have completed the personalization of your TribuCast®, you can share a private website address with your clients so they have a safe, secure and dignified way for family and friends to attend a funeral or memorial service remotely.

TribuCast® Doubles
Asistencia al funeral*

When it’s important to hold a funeral, it’s important to TribuCast® it.

As families grow, careers develop and people move away from their places of birth, funeral attendance has been on a steady decline (NFDA). TribuCast® reverses that trend. The average TribuCast® adds 60-90 remote attendees to most services. TribuCast® enables loved ones to attend services even when they can’t be there in person.

*The average TribuCast® adds 60-90 remote attendees to most services.

Our TribuCast® Advisors are available to:

☑ Train your home to easily include those otherwise unable to attend using the patent-pending TribuCast® system, existing personnel and affordable equipment you already own.
☑ Teach you how to customize a TribuCast®.
☑ Ayúdenos a elevar la marca de su hogar.
☑ Ayuda a reducir el dolor y el estrés de una familia al permitir que sus amigos y otros miembros de la familia honren, celebren y lloren por su ser querido, independientemente de su ubicación o circunstancias de la vida.

TribuCast® is Next Generation Funeral Webcasting

TribuCast® understands that families may not be comfortable webcasting their loved one’s funerals over the internet. TribuCast® addresses these concerns through a dedicated, private website for each family to share as they desire, coupled with extensive personalization opportunities. This enables families to share the service with remote attendees as if they were there in person, adding meaningful context which can aid in the grieving process.

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