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The Private and Personalized Remote Attendance System for Funeral Services

When they can't be there in person, help them be there with TribuCast™

The Private and Personalized Live Streaming System for Funeral Services

When they can’t be there in person, help them be there with TribuCast™

What is TribuCast™?

Thoughtfully designed with families in mind

Planning a funeral is hard, especially when family and loved ones are unable to attend in person. TribuCast™, a service provided through funeral homes, has been thoughtfully designed to let family and loved ones privately attend a funeral or memorial service in real time on a phone, tablet or computer.

Connecting Loved Ones

In times of grief we need one another

TribuCast™ brings people together through a personal website that includes the service as well as images and information that reflect your loved one’s passions, providing priceless interactive touchpoints for those who cannot attend in person, such as:

☑ Program and other items shared at the service
☑ Eulogies and family stories
☑ Family photographs and memories
☑ Condolences using the TribuCast™ Guest Book

You’re Not Alone

Too often today’s mourners find themselves unable to attend a funeral or memorial due to distance, illness or unavoidable circumstances. TribuCast™ can help ease the stress of:

☑ Health or other issues that make travel difficult
☑ Military or work commitments
☑ Hospitalization or institutionalization
☑ Timing of other unavoidable life events and circumstances

9 out of 10 services have loved ones who cannot attend

More Than a Live Stream

A personalized tribute to your loved one

TribuCast™ creates an experience as unique as the person you’ve lost through limitless personalization and interactive opportunities:

☑ Photos & Stories
☑ Obituary
☑ Honors and awards
☑ Interests and hobbies
☑ Family tree and history
☑ Military and community service records
☑ Donation preferences

An Enduring Tribute

Preserving memories for future generations

TribuCast™ can be viewed live or at a later date and includes a Guest Book for those attending remotely to offer their thoughts, memories, and condolences. TribuCast™ can also be preserved on a personalized memory stick.

“When it’s important to hold a funeral or memorial service, it’s important to use TribuCast™.”

Ask Your Funeral Home About TribuCast™

TribuCast™ is easy to incorporate into your funeral planning and will greatly reduce your heartache and stress by enabling family and friends to honor, celebrate, and grieve for your loved one, regardless of their location or life circumstances. Many families are surprised to learn that the average TribuCast™ adds between 60-90 remote attendees.

If your funeral home isn’t offering TribuCast™ yet, let us know and we will work to coordinate the service on your behalf.

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